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$150.00 - On Sale

YouTube has become one of the most popular websites on the internet and is the go-to place for tens of millions of people on a regular basis.

We all know that if a video has under 100 views, no comments or likes, people will almost certainly pass by it without a thought.

With the packages of views, likes and comments below you can give viewers the feeling that they need to see this video.

Ideal for artists, companies or entertainers looking for instant recoginition!

Q Savage Promotions presents its groundbreaking YouTube promotion service, which is designed for your Music Video, Mixtape/Album/DVD/Movie Trailer, Show Performance Video, or additional video footage. Video views are a very important factor in today's music industry and we have seen artists get signed to six figure major label deals because of their YouTube popularity.

Simply put, music videos are promotional tools that can show an artist has a huge buzz.

Q Savage Promotion will generate authentic views for your video on YouTube and brings real music fans and industry professionals to you. Q Savage video promotion is based on powerful viral marketing with a groundbreaking system that our professional staff uses to boost your videos' popularity.

Main target audience are the biggest music markets in the world, including USA and Europe (i.e. Germany, UK) -- real views from music-related viewers as your stats will clearly show!

We do not use illegal tools (i.e. proxy-servers, bots, IP switches) to increase your video traffic, so you don’t have to worry about YouTube watchdogs freezing your views or banning your account. The views will start to increase in 24-48h after we have promoted the video -- 100% working + views are guaranteed!

Video Views (CLICK To View/ Hide)

Only The Highest Quality
We don't use bots or add fake hits, all views are legitimate and 100% safe.
By using completely safe marketing techniques you can be sure your video will not be harmed.

Fast Delivery
Receive approx 2,500 - 20,000 views daily.
(Larger packages will be delivered faster) IF YOU NEED MORE THAN OFFERED CONTACT US.

You Tube Views
2000 $25.00 USD
5000 $50.00 USD
10,000 $100.00 USD
20,000 $125.00 USD
25,000 $150.00 USD
30,000 $180.00 USD
40,000 $225.00 USD
50,000 $275.00 USD
100,000 $320.00 USD
250,000 $500.00 USD

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Video Comments (CLICK To View/ Hide)

When uploading a video you want people to talk about it, give their opinion and give you praise.

All comments are unique and hand written.
As they will be relevant to the video they will not be marked as spam.

Fast Delivery
Average 25 - 100 comments will be added weekly.
(Larger packages will be delivered faster)

You Tube Comments
25 $30.00 USD
50 $60.00 USD
75 $90.00 USD
100 $120.00 USD
200 $150.00 USD
500 $200.00 USD

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Video Likes (CLICK To View/ Hide)

Apart from making videos look great, YouTube likes are one of the factors which judge a videos ranking.

When someone uses the search bar, you want your video to show up on the first page. This is only possible with thousands of likes.

100% Safe
As we comply with YouTube's terms of service all likes provided are safe and will not result in your video getting banned.

Fast Delivery
Average 500 - 100 likes will be delivered daily.

You Tube likes
100 $30.00 USD
200 $55.00 USD
300 $80.00 USD
400 $100.00 USD
500 $125.00 USD
750 $150.00 USD
1000 $200.00 USD

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Channel Subscribers (CLICK To View/ Hide)

Having a lot of subscribers will instantly make people want to checkout your videos.

Q Savage Promotions not only promotes single music videos on YouTube, we also promote your official YouTube channel, which will be subscribed by real users. The promotion is based on powerful viral marketing with a groundbreaking system that our professional staff uses to boost your channel's popularity -- 100% working + subscribers are guaranteed!

Once you have a large number of YouTube subscribers, you will soon start getting more unique views as well.

High Quality
All subscribers delivered will have profile images and active accounts.

Fast Delivery
Average 50 - 100 subscribers will be delivered daily.

You Tube Subscribers
100 $30.00 USD
200 $55.00 USD
300 $80.00 USD
400 $120.00 USD
500 $150.00 USD
1000 $180.00 USD
2000 $225.00 USD

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